Oaten Chaff

Oaten Chaff Oxley Feed Mills make an excellent Oaten Chaff that will keep your stock and horses satisfied and happy throughout the year.  Grown on Oxley Farms, this chaff is processed with steam to help reduce dust. With a number of quality control points throughout its growth and processing phase, you can be guaranteed of […]

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Lucerne Chaff

Lucerne Chaff When it comes to feeding your animals, Oxley Feed Mill Lucerne Chaff is a premium product with a fresh cut odour and a great green colour.  This product should be on the menu for all of your top performing animals.

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Wheaten Chaff

Wheaten Chaff Oxley Feed Mills Wheaten Chaff is high in fibre and an excellent forage product to mix with your grains.  Designed to slow down the intake of grains and the higher calorific portions of your animal’s feed mix, this carefully grown and manufactured product assists in reducing feeding problems.

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Lucerne / Oaten Mix Chaff

Lucerne / Oaten Mix Chaff Oxley Feed Mills Mixed Chaff is a blend of freshly cut Lucerne and Oaten Chaff.  Manufactured in our Chaff Mill on the banks of the the Loddon River, our master blenders take the time to make sure every bag of dust reduced chaff is hand blended to perfection.  Oxley Feed

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