Eco Bale Lucerne Hay

Eco Bale Lucerne Hay https://vimeo.com/193805009 You can see as the biscuits are separated that Oxley Feed Mill Lucerne Hay is a top quality product, with minimal dust and an excellent leaf and stalk structure. The majority of our Lucerne Hay is grown on Oxley Farms on the river flats adjacent to the Loddon River.  This […]

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Eco Bale Pasture Hay

Eco Bale Pasture Hay https://vimeo.com/216635268 Oxley Eco Bale Pasture Hay is a great treat for your animals.  Grown on flood plain soil on the banks of the Loddon River in Central Victoria and carefully monitored with an eye to quality, we cut this hay at its prime to give the best protein attainable.  The Eco

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Eco Bale Clover Hay

Eco Bale Pasture Hay https://vimeo.com/216637683 Oxley Eco Bale Clover Hay is the ideal forage for your animals.  Easily transported, your horses can enjoy Clover Hay in the stable, at events or in the paddock.  It is a great form of forage and has an excellent leaf to stalk ratio.

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Eco Bale Rye Clover Hay

Eco Bale Rye Clover Hay The Oxley Eco Bale Rye Clover is grown on the Loddon River floodplains with plenty of sunshine, fantastic soil and lots of water. The bale opens easily with the biscuits breaking out beautifully. This premium product contains very little dust and is perfect for your animal’s nutritional needs.

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Eco Bale Low Sugar

Eco Bale Low Sugar https://vimeo.com/216636272 Oxley Feed Mill Low Sugar Hay is the best alternative to get your horse back on its feet.  If your horse is foundering or has Laminitis, this hay will assist in slowing down your animals overall intake by reducing the grain load and increasing the low sugar supplemental hay.

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Eco Bale Other

Eco Bale Other The Oxley Eco Bale Other is a special category for those other hay products we often have. It may be a crop that we are trying for the first time to see how it grows on our fantastic flood plain conditions or something else that we felt our customers may be interested

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Eco Bale Special

Eco Bale Special Occasionally we may have an end of line run, or some hay or chaff that doesn’t meet our quality standards. Oxley Feed Mills Eco Bale Specials are perfect for mulching around your fruit trees or some second grade forage for your animals. It may not be pretty, and we often don’t have

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Eco Bale Straw

Eco Bale Straw The Oxley Eco Bale is a brilliantly simple idea, transforming two bales of conventional straw into one compressed and compact easy to handle smaller bale. When the bale is opened, there is minimal dust (due to steam processing) and the biscuits fall apart easily. The straw is not “smashed” but merely compressed

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